After the announcement of the 12th result, one of the biggest challenge students facing is which course they should join in their dream career?. there are plenty of courses you can join but lack of information students are not able to find out a top and best courses.

today we have compiled the list of TOP 100 COURSE you can do after passing your 12th standard. so don’t worry about that, read this full article and you will know some best and top courses which can change your career decision.


Medical Courses after 12th

Doctors are always having a profound scope in terms of Medical. After completion of intermediate (12th), the biology aspirants’ students look for some best medical courses. In


India, the demand for medical courses is turning out to be the most. Here, students remain confused for a particular course as the fee for any medical course is high. Some of the top government medical institutes are providing the top courses like MBBS and BDS in low fees. Apart from the fee structure, there are several courses available for medical aspirants. It becomes easy to choose as per the demand. Well, NEET is a National exam for finding seats in the top medical courses/colleges in India.


Some of the known courses for medical after 12th are,



MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is the top-most course chosen by the medical aspirants after class 12th. A direct doctor is initiated after completion of this graduation course.

After MBBS, there is an option for PG degree in the name of MD. The well-known doctors in the country are getting their name framed after completion of MBBS degree only. It is a highly-qualified degree whose scope is also extended in foreign countries.


Scope of the MBBS course

MBBS is the minimum criteria to be followed for being a doctor. MBBS is having the highest scope because of its vast field.

Students choose the same course because it is opening gates for highly qualified doctors in the country. In MBBS, students are taught about surgery practices and training. Most of the part is related to different medicines and use.

Now, through MBBS, one can choose a specific surgery course. In India, the demand for heart surgeon is always on the top. Most of the private universities are providing MBBS as their top course. So, for a medical aspirant, it is the best course.


fees of the MBBS course

The fee structure remains different for different courses. The total fee for the entire duration of the course may range between 20L-80Lakh depends upon the College to College.


MBBS Course duration

The duration of the course is a total of 5.5 years. The academic session is generally for 4.5 years and a year-long for an internship.


Salary after the MBBS course

MBBS qualified students to catch a high salary package after the course. The salary can range from 8L-30L per annum.

Doctors are also having another option to open up a personal clinic.




 BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental surgery. Many of us may have heard for the dentist, and BDS is the only degree in the country to become a successful dentist.

A dentist generally looks after problems in teeth. The rise in demand for such doctors is also making students enroll for BDS. It is a graduate doctorate program where a person is entitled to become a dentist and work for its surgery.


Scope of the BDS course

The scope of BDS is high because of the rising problems in teeth. So, a dentist is generally needed in every town/city. A well-nourished surgery can be performed by a dentist only.

BDS is the second top-most course after MBBS in the field of Medical Science. Even, colleges through NEET are a better option for this course.

There are very fewer dentists in the country and so the government is also demanding the rise the number of dentists by 2025.

Most of the patients are a victim of tooth decay and hence there is a great need for dentists. So, dentist lovers can look for a career through BDS.


fees of the BDS course

Every college is having different criteria. Even, some of them may provide scholarship for academics. The total fee for BDS may range between 4L-15L.


BDS Course duration

The total duration of the course is 5 years. The internship is also included in the same years.


Salary after the BDS course

The salary seems to play a major role. If any dentist is having his clinic, then it is a very good option for earning. Otherwise, a dentist can serve in both private and government medical hospitals as Dentist.

Here, the salary may range between Rs. 50,000-2,00,000 Per Month.




BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Now, after MBBS and BDS, it is the most prominent course with increasing demand in the country.

We all know about the use of Ayurveda and its medical cure. There are very fewer people who enroll for BAMS and so now the government is focusing to increase the number of seats for BAMS.


Scope of the BAMS course

The scope for the same is very wide and wonderful. Ayurveda is an ancient concept through which several medicines are produced.

These medicines are not having any kind of complete study of Ayurvedic medicine for curing 2000 diseases. The current generation is switching towards the use of Ayurvedic medicine and so it is increasing the scope.

The valuable part is that after completion of the course, the degree for Doctor (Ayurveda) is attained.


fees of the BAMS course

The total fee of the course may range between 5L-25L.


BAMS Course duration

The duration for BAMS course is 5.5 years. It also includes a long-term internship for Ayurveda Studies.


Salary after the BAMS course

The salary can be ranged between Rs. 40,000-1, 00, 00 for fresher doctors.



BHMS stands for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. Homeopathic is a switch case of Ayurveda.

The Homeopathic medicines are also in demand because of their high rate of healing power. There is never a side-effect measured through the medicine.

The homeopathic degree is recognized worldwide so it is having several advantages. Hence, a complete study of homeopathic and surgery is taught in the course.


Scope of the BHMS course

The scope is the same as that of Ayurveda medicine. It all depends on the interest of the student whether to go for BAMS or BHMS.


Homeopathic medicines are prepared in big laboratories by the scientist. A doctor is having complete knowledge of the same. After

completion of BHMS, a Doctor (Homeopathic) degree is attained. Now, the doctor can open a personal clinic and serve homeopathic medicines.

The most probable cause is to open a personal clinic center and sell several trusted homeopathic medicines.


fees of the BHMS course

The total fee of the course may range between 5L-15L.


BHMS Course duration 

BHMS course duration is 5.5 years. It also includes a long-term internship for Homeopathic Studies.


Salary after the BHMS course

The salary can be ranged between Rs. 30,000-70,000 for fresher doctors at the government hospitals.


Bachelor of Pharmacy 

B. Pharma or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a legal and authorized way to get a license for medical work. Almost all the medical shops are working under the license of B. Pharma.

It is the case studies for all types of medicines. Pharmacy includes several experiments and research over the same.


Scope of the B.pharma course

The scope of B. Pharma is open in all departments. There are generally two types of departments: Business and Pharmacist.

The business department includes a medical shop and sells several productive medicines near a hospital.

The second department is generally a valuable pharmacist in a hospital. There are several government jobs available in the same field.

So, the overall scope is vast and effective after completing B. Pharma. On the other hand, B. Pharma degree is not going to designate you as a doctor.


fees of the b.pharma course

The total fee of the course may range between 4L-8L.


B.pharma Course duration

B. Pharma course total duration is 4 years.


Salary after the B.pharma course

The salary can be ranged between Rs. 30,000-50,000 for fresher Pharmacists.


B. Sc. Nursing 

The course B. Sc. Nursing is very frequent and most of the female medical students go for it. Here, the overall development is for becoming a Registered Nurse.

It is not easy to become a nurse as academics include a lot of practical work.


Scope of the B. Sc. Nursing course 

The scope of Nursing is extended for all types of hospital and clinics. The work of all nurses is same and so they can work in any environment.

The government jobs are easily available for nursing students after completion of the course. The academics include classroom

studies and practical work/training. Even, the nurse can serve as personal for some doctor and earn a good amount.

The different sections of nursing are chemistry, biology, and healthcare. The nurse is going to focus on all the entities and even work as a pharmacist in

the future. So, B. Sc. Nursing is a very good course from a female point of view. It will be always good to serve the patients.


fees of the B. Sc. Nursing course 

The total fee of the course may range between 3L-5L.


B. Sc. Nursing Course duration 

Total confirm duration for BAMS course is 4 years.


Salary after the B. Sc. Nursing course 

The salary can be ranged between Rs. 20,000-40,000 for fresher nurses.


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